GART for nutritional effects

GART for nutritional effects

Brine shrimp as a low-cost screening platform

Artemia is an excellent model organism to study the role of pre- and probiotics, feed components and immunostimulants. We developed a gnotobiotic Artemia model which allows to investigate the effects of a feed or feed additive without the interference of the ambient microbiota of the rearing environment.

Test your product

  • Feed and feed additives
  • Pre- and probiotics
  • Immunostimulants
  • Yeasts and yeast-derived products
  • Side products from bio-refining activities
  • Algae and algae-derived products

Nutritional effect

By doing growth, starvation and abiotic stress (salinity, temperature) trials with the GART model we can determine the nutritional effect of your product.

Explanation of gnotobiotic model
Low-cost screening platform for commercial species

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