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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that a website places on your web browser. Cookies enable your browser to be recognised by the website. Cookies are mainly used to remember the choices you have made – choices such as the language you prefer and the currency you use.

Why does this website uses cookies? uses 4 types of cookies. All cookies have their own purpose:

1.Technical cookies

We use technical cookies to show you our website, to make it function correctly, to create your user account and to sign you in. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to function properly.

2. Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to remember your preferences and to help you to use our website efficiently and effectively, in example by remembering your searches and the pages you viewed earlier. These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for the functioning of our website, but they add functionality for you and enhance your experience.

3. Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are used to gain insight into how visitors are using this website, to optimize and improve our website and to ensure we continue to be interesting and relevant. The data we gather includes which web pages you have viewed, which referring/exit pages you have entered and left from, which platform type you have used, date and time stamp information and details such as the number of clicks you make on a given page, your mouse movements and scrolling activity, the search words you use and the text you type while using our website.

4. Commercial cookies

We remain to have the possibility to show specifically targetted advertisments on other websites. This is called “retargeting” and it aims to be based on your interests and surfing behaviour within our site.

Usage of third party cookies uses third party cookies. We are using Google Analytics and Mouseflow for our analytics cookies, and Google Analytics for our commercial cookies.

Access to cookie data

Cookies placed by third parties can be accessed by these third parties. Our webdesign partner and optimization partners also have access to these insights.

Managing cookie preferences and removal of cookies

Using your browser settings, you can set which cookies to accept and which to reject. Where you find these settings depends on which browser you use. Use the "Help" function in your browser to locate the settings you need.
If you choose not to accept our cookies, you may not be able to use some functions on our website.

Data policy

All gathered contact data will be used solely for the purpose it was intended for. We don't sell data to third parties and have no intention to send spam. Your data is kept in an encrypted database and removal can be asked at any given time using the contact data on this page.

Contact data

Any questions or removal requests should be submitted by written request to this address:

Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center
Rozier 44
B-9000 GENT

+32 9 264 3754