Prof. Dr. Hans Nauwynck

Prof. Dr. Hans Nauwynck

Director Laboratory of Virology


Prof. Dr. Hans Nauwynck is the director of the laboratory of Virology. With over 10 years of experience in the field of viral shrimp infections, he uses his expertise on pathogenesis and control of viral diseases to identify and document the way White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) infects and kills its host. Recently, his research group demonstrated that WSSV has difficulties to infect shrimp by oral route and by immersion. They were also successful in developing shrimp cell cultures and in unraveling the WSSV replication cycle.


Prof. Dr. Hans Nauwynck lectures several courses on viral diseases in mammals. His research focuses on cellular and molecular pathogenesis of viral diseases in man and animal, with special emphasis on:

  • The entry of the virus in its host with special emphasis on the primary target cell;
  • The invasion of viruses in its host through barriers, via leukocytes and along neurons;
  • The escape of viruses from immunity.

He believes that better insights lead to research-driven development of new generation treatments and vaccines. He is author of 285 papers and several patents and is a frequent speaker during international veterinary and virology congresses.