In vitro quorum sensing

In vitro Quorum Sensing

About Quorum Sensing and Quorum Quenching

Quorum Sensing is a cell-to-cell communication process in which bacteria control the expression of certain genes, including virulence genes, by producing, detecting and responding to small extracellular signal molecules. Disruption of the QS mechanism of pathogens, also known as Quorum Quenching, is a potential way to control disease outbreaks in aquaculture.

Evalutation of Quorum Sensing properties of products

Our laboratory can perform standard in vitro tests to evaluate the QS-disruptive properties of various products.  These tests measure the following parameters:

  • Degrading capacity on Quorum Sensing molecules
  • Disruption of QS-regulated bioluminescence of pathogens
  • Effect on the virulence factors of the pathogens (caseinase, lipase, hemolysin, gelatinase and phospholipase, motility, biofilm formation, extracellular polymeric substance production)

Isolation of QS-degrading bacteria

Certain bacteria can produce enzymes which degrade the Quorum Sensing molecules. These bacteria can be used as QS-degrading agent to control bacterial diseases. Our laboratory offers services to isolate these QS-degrading bacteria from various samples (sediment, water, animal intestines et al.).

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